Aron ‘Rubo’ Rubulis

How long have you been CrossFitting?
2 years

Why do you CrossFit?
Cause i love the challenge. You can always be/do better.

Was there a moment, or maybe a WOD (or its aftermath), when you realized you understood what CrossFit was about?
There is so many things, one of the main ones for me is i have always worked out, but struggle to motivate myself. Crossfit is so friendly and motivating that you just have to worry about getting to the box. Once you are there you cant not wan’t to workout, such a good atmosphere. everyone pushes each other to do their best.

How has CrossFit impacted your life outside the box?
Friends. Have met so many awesome people, that i will hopefully know for the rest of my life.

Do you monitor your diet?
I eat…allot. And i try to make sure that it is always Paleo. However i generally struggle on the weekend :P

Do you ever get discouraged or burned out? How do you overcome that?
Yes, and i try not to take it too seriously all the time. Learnt from experience that if you take something to seriously then you become hard on yourself, and it is no longer fun.

Who in the CrossFit community inspires you and why?
Pretty much everyone, but also people who have physically demanding day jobs IE – Tradies and still have the energy to show up at crossfit. When i first started crossfit i was doing a laboring job, and found it really hard to find the energy to make it in. Much respect for anyone who has this kind of commitment.

Which pr—for a WOD or lift—are you most proud of and why?
97.5 OHS 1. so much concentration required to do this lift successfully. It feels great when you improve.

10 thoughts on “Aron ‘Rubo’ Rubulis

  1. Carolyn

    Well done Rubo! What you can lift and achieve is absolutely amazing! Well deserved mate. Keep up the great work.

  2. Blair

    great work rubo, you have improved heaps over the last 6 months. Good to see and good motivation to keep chasing you…


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