How Do I Start

There’s only one way to know if CrossFit is for you, and that’s to try it!

Our CrossFit Community is made up of people from all walks of life, of all fitness levels and abilities and you will find the atmosphere motivating, encouraging and friendly. Everybody knows each other by first name and we share a camaraderie more like that of a sporting team.

We are about People Helping People and we encourage Encouragement.

One of the first things you are likely to notice is that inside our premises you won’t see rows of treadmills, machines and mirror clad walls like your average modern franchise style gym. The CrossFit philosophy is simple, we exercise our bodies in the way they were designed to be used by employing functional, real life movements.

At CrossFit Sunshine Coast we train hard, probably harder than you have ever trained before and we work up a good old fashioned sweat. Each WOD (Workout of the Day) is varied in its exercises so you won’t get dissatisfied with day in day out repetitious routines.

Our daily workouts vary and we believe that ‘Routine is the Enemy’.

You are welcome to observe or participate in an obligation free session to see what CrossFit is about and see if it is for you. We know you will find the people friendly and welcoming. However prior to joining further regular classes you will be required to complete our Intro Program.

CrossFit SC Intro Program:

The staff and management at CrossFit SC are committed to helping you achieve your goals. In return for this we ask for a commitment from you. In order to give you the best introduction to CrossFit we require that everyone must go through an introductory course before joining regular classes. This is because we want to set you up for success right from the beginning.

This program is intended to achieve a number of goals:
1. Allow us to get to know you and for you to get to know us
2. Make you feel comfortable with our coaching methods and practices
3. Provide you with important safety information before joining the groups
4. Teach you the foundational movements which will set you up for success
5. Get a taste of CrossFit before you jump in the deep end

What does the course involve?
The introductory course consists of 3 sessions in a mini-group over the course of a week. You will complete your introductory course with the same group of people from start to finish. You must book and pay for your introductory program up front and attendance is compulsory. The introductory program costs $60 for the 3 sessions. At the completion of your intro program you will be invited to then join our gym on a monthly membership.

To register your interest / book into the next intro program / or to get any further information on the next available program please either phone Blair on 0438779172 or email