Scott Champion  5 starIf
If it's great training and awesome people to train with that you need, you've just arrived.
GD  5 star
Lausy  5 star 
I'm a long term member of Crossfit Sunshine Coast, having trained in Crossfit gyms around Australia. This one is special. The staff are passionate and knowledgeable about all things health, fitness and Crossfit. The wonderful people make it my home away from home. The best thing you will ever do is join a gym where everyone supports you, knows your name, and encourages you to front up and be better every single day. All you need to do is walk through the door, as Craig and the coaching crew take care of the rest.
Baiden  5 star
Craig is an awesome coach that has the answer to every problem you will face in your training.
Jess  5 star
Hannah Harling 5 star
I've been a member for 2yrs, great people & a great place to train.
Camm Morris  5 star
Thanks CFSC for having me over Easter!
Class facility and great coaching, if your on the north coast drop in and see Craig and the team 🙂
Nick Dutton  5 star
Great place to train with excellent coaches and welcoming and friendly members.
Ash Ley 5 star
Great trainers, great members! Thanks for letting me drop in the other day
Bec Craig 5 star
Amazing place to workout and get fit! Great gains and even better friends to workout with too! Keep up the great work guys!
Mark Burrell  5 star
Great coaching, great WODs and a great team of people to train with!