This program is designed for youth athletes (ages 10-16*) wanting to take the next step in their performance who need exposure to multiple sessions per week with a qualified coach while working in a fun, supportive and engaging environment of likeminded athletes, with elements of group and individual training needs. This program takes the best of 1:1 Personal Coaching and combines it with the best feel good and uplifting atmosphere of Group Training. Whether you are looking to become more explosive, increase strength or in rehab, this program is built on movement quality, so you know that what you are doing in the gym will transfer to your spor

Kids today are unfortunately not exposed to basic foundations- jump, hop, land, tumble, roll. This is partly due to the new age we live in. The main reason is early specialisation- only playing one sport all year round. What this leaves is a window of missed opportunity to learn new skills, learn how to move differently and most of all make new friends. This also has increased the risk of preventable injuries in mentally and physically exhausted young athletes- setting them up for failure. We want to build robust and resilient young athletes to move well, feel confident and play like champions. We find it honouring and humbling to have the opportunity to work with junior athletes.

These semi private sessions follow a strict 1:6 coach to athlete ratio to ensure you have the quality to detail and attention you deserve. 

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited Performance Sessions per week.

  • Monthly Individual Programming on Teambuilr App. This includes individual needs (Mobility and Movement Prep), development of Strength, Speed, Power and Energy Systems Development.

  • Access to On Field to develop Speed and Agility. 

  • Daily Wellness and Load Management Strategies.

  • Home Training Sessions.

  • Special LTAD Workshops and Events.

Prior to commencing training, all athletes are required to undertake individual initial Sports Science Testing in the lab to establish baseline metrics and gain quantifiable data to aid in program design and outcome. The tests conducted using the same protocols of professional teams and institutes internationally which are then highly individualised based on age, training history, injuries, sport and position. This approach leaves no stone unturned, no guessing and is repeatable; so we know exactly what to prescribe for your training program to get you the best possible outcome- guaranteed! 

Athletes will then work with their coach in onboarding phase where we take you through your program to make sure you understand how the sessions are structured, what exercises are in your program and how to use the Teambulir app. For athletes and parents this is an opportunity to further learn the intricacies of the training program for the coming months. For those athletes that are newer to S&C, this is where we answer all of your questions and give you a step by step run through of everything you will experience within the program. If required, we will see new athletes on a 1:1 basis until they feel comfortable joining the group environment- no one gets left behind!


The program begins with gaining quantifiable and measurable data to access your current physically performance qualities. Depending on your age and movement proficiency, you will be tested in the following key areas of performance in the Testing Lab. 

There is an old saying: “what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get improved.” Through no fault of their own, junior athletes are rarely provided with the objective feedback on their athleticism that they need in order to improve their sporting potential. Because of this, most junior athletes enter the later teenage years under conditioned, lacking physicality, and lacking athleticism. They feel slow off the mark and are regularly beaten by the more ‘naturally gifted athletes’.

Upon completion you will be given a Performance Report outlining some of the key metrics, strengths, areas of improvement and performance recommendations. This data is used to create you individualised program. This phase of the onboarding system is paramount to gain even further insight into what makes you the athlete you are and how best we can serve you. The performance report can be used for athletes to share with coaches, parents, scouting agencies ( those looking to gain scholarships overseas) and high performance academies, teams and institutes



Here your coach combines all the elements from our initial consult, individual, position and sport/s requirements combines this with the Testing Data to create an actionable and achievable individual program. This program replicates the training environment accessible to professional athletes combining data, program design and hands on coaching experience to get you exactly the outcome required! The programs are designed in conjunction with seasonal/ competition phases and your sport coach, so we have a collaborative approach. This aspect is so important as we know that working together as a team and have a solid communication is absolutely critical to deliver a world class experience. The program is updated in either 4-6 week blocks to ensure you are always progressively improving your performance. For many athletes this is an opportunity to become better well rounded “generalists”, as we know that early specialisation can lead to burn out, overuse injuries and more.

This program will take into account their weaknesses, strengths and blind spots and seamlessly fit their training program into your life schedule.


1:1 coaching session to work together to establish the fundamentals of our program structure and how the Junior ADP Sessions operate. The main focus of this is to make sure you understand how to use our training software and how the sessions are structured so when you enter the Team Training you hit the ground running!

A major aspect of the Junior ADP is continue to build confidence, address those niggling overuse injuries or growing pains and develop self belief to become young champions. 


The semi private sessions are carefully spread out across the week to ensure you can maximise your training experience and immerse yourself in the community of other athletes on the same journey as you! We have found that training in this environment is incredible for fun and competitive drive while being exposed to athletes of different backgrounds, gender, ages and sports. This is where the magic happens!

If you want a complete system that prepares you for sporting success, the Junior ADP is for you. 

If you want to rid of the overwhelm that comes with juggling training and all your other commitments, the Junior ADP is for you.

And, if you want to put the odds in your favour that you reach higher and achieve more in sport, the Junior ADP is for you.


The Junior ADP Program includes 24/7 Gym Access to O2 Performance- a world class training facility.


$3,300 (15% DISCOUNT)

This is for 52 weeks of ADP Program.
Inclusive of:
Total value if sold separately $12,000.


This is for 52 weeks of ADP Program.
Inclusive of:
Total value if sold separately $9,900.


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No two athletes are the same. After you Initial Testing, our team of coaches design a program just for you to suit all your individual needs.


We are constantly tracking daily improvement though our training software. Every 12 weeks we re test to ensure the correct training adaptations are taking place


No two athletes are the same. After you Initial Testing, our team of coaches design a program just for you to suit all your individual needs.


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