Monday Jun 13

Split Jerks

Warm Up

2 rounds

60sec Row

30sec World’s greatest stretch (15sec/side)

30sec Rotating full squat T spine rotations 

10 Push up to Down Dog


Split jerk Drills

– Split stance Strict press

– Split Stance push press

– Tall Split Jerk

– Tempo splitjerk 


Split Jerk

7 x 3 @ascending

TC:14 min

Score: Weight 


Amrap 14

80 Double unders

40 WallBalls @20/14 lbs

40 TTB

Score: Rounds and Reps 

Scaling options


WallBalls @ 30/20 lbs


20-60 DU

40 Wall Balls @ 14/10 lbs

30-40 Toes to eye level 


60 Single unders

30 Wall Balls @Moderate

30 PVC to toes 


Banded Pike pull hold

Accumulate 3mins 


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