Saturday Nov 6

Besties with Nancy

Warm up

400m Run


2 Sets


10 PVC Pass Through

10 PVC Behind the neck press

10 PVC RDL with 3 Sec Pause at bottom


2 Sets with BB


1 Snatch Grip RDL

1 Snatch Hight Pull

1 Hang Muscle Snatch

1 Over Head Snatch

Work Out

21 Over Head Squats

800m Run

18 Over Head Squats

600m Run

15 Over Head Squats

400m Run

12 Over Head Squats

200m Run

9 Over Head Squats

100m Run


BB – 40/30


BB – 30/20


BB – 20/10

Can C2 instead of Run


Partner one and Partner two must do over head squats in “you go, I go” fashion. Both partners must do the run together.

Rest Day Workout Rest Day Open Gym 27-21-15-9 Burpee Box Jump Over 24”/20” Thrusters 42.5/30 Kg Facebook Instagram Youtube Sunday Dec 05 …

Power Clean and Row Warm up General Body Mobility 2 Sets 10 BB Dead Lift 10 BB Muscle Clean 10 BB Push …

Auxo Warm Up 2 Rounds 2 min on C2 10m Bear Crawl 10 Dead Bugs 2 Rounds  10 Shoulder-Hip Extension ( 10 …

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