Thursday Jun 9

Running =S

Warm Up

AMRAP 4 min

200m Run

10 Beat Swings


Tall Kneeling Banded Internal Rotation shoulder stretch

Contract (down) for 5 seconds / relax (up) for 5 seconds 5 reps/side 


3 sets

4-6 Banded tall kneeling lat pulldown

10m Double foot runner hops

Hollow body hold 30 seconds 


Weighted Strict CTB

5 x 5

TC: 10 min Score; Weight

Scaling Options


5 x 5

Band or partner assisted Pull Up


5 x 5

Strict Pull up/ Band assisted strict C2B 


3.2 K run

In increments of 400 or 800s

Between each interval perform either:

15-30m Heavy farmer’s carry

15-30m Moderate sled push

15-30m Bearhug carry

If athletes chose to run 400m, the object carry will be 15m. If athletes chose the 800m, the carry become 30m.

TC: 20 min Score: Time

Scaling Options


Run 1.6-2.4K


Run 2.4-3.2 K 


Standing Banded W

3 x 15

Hold 5 seconds every 5 reps 

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