Thursday May 12

Just a good WOD =]

Warm Up

4 min Bike/Row/Ski @easy-mod 


Prayer stretch with foam roller 3 x 5-10 


2 Sets

30 Sec Double Unders

10m Walking Lunge with a twist

4 DB Snatch

10m Inchworm

30 Sec Double Unders


Not Today 


For time

50 Cal Bike/Ski/Row

50 DB Step-ups @1 x 22.5/15KG

50 Straight leg sit-ups

50 Alternating DB Snatch @22.5/15KG

50 Straight leg sit-ups

50 Cal Bike/Ski/Row  

Score: Time 


GHD Sit ups


DB – 15/12.5 Kg


40 Reps

DB @light


4 sets

10/10 Single arm DB Row on Bench @mod 

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