Tuesday Aug 16


Warm Up


2 Sets

20 Banded press

20 Banded Pull Down

3 Inch worms with push up

3 Pull ups

Muscle Up Specific

3 sets

9 Hollow banded lat pull downs

3-7 Transition muscle ups


Muscle Ups

30 Bar or Ring Muscle Ups

Scaling Options

30 Pull Ups

30 Dips


30 Ring Row

30 Assisted Ring Dips


20 Ring Row

20 Bench Dips


EMOM 20minutes

Odd: 10 Box jump overs @24/20″ + 8 TTB

Even: 10-15 Bar Facing burpees

TC: 20 min
Score: Total Burpees

Scaling Options


Odd: 6 Box jumps + 6 Hanging Knee Raise

Even: 5-10 burpees


Odd: 6-8 Box jump overs @24/20″ + 6 Toes to eye Level

Even: 5-10 Bar Facing burpees


Banded internal rotation 2 x 10/arm

Banded external rotations 2 x 10/arm

All Workouts are on Wodify Workout CrossFit Sunshine Coast has moved over to Wodify Affiliate Management System.  All Workout are now published …

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