Tuesday Jul 26

Rope Climbs and a little WOD

Warm Up


10/8 cal Row/Bike/Ski or 200m Run @Easy

5/5M Single arm OH Carry

4/side PNF lat stretch on floor 


Foam roller wall slide

10 repetitions slow and controlled


Specific (Pre rope climb) -7 Banded W-Y

-7 Banded T pull aparts

-7 Ring rows + pause

C2.Specific (Pre Metcon) 2 sets

-100m Row

-5 Hang clean pulls + 3 Hang cleans

-3 Beat swings + 3 TTB 


Legless Rope Climb


1 rep

Score: Completed Minutes

Scaling Options


2 Rope Climbs from the seated to standing


1 Rope Climb


Amrap 15

500m Row/Ski or 1 Km Bike

15 Hang power Clean 50/35 KG

15 TTB

TC: 15 min

Score: Rounds and Reps

Scaling Options


300m Row/Ski or 600m Bike

15 Hang Power Clean @Light

15 Hanging Knee Raise


500m Row/Ski or 1 Km Bike

15 Hang Power Clean 40/30 KG

15 Toes to eye level 


DB row with parallette support

3 x 10/side

Rest 30 seconds between sides and sets 

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