Tuesday Jul 5

HS Holds

Warm Up


3 rounds 10/8 cal Row @increasing intensity

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Prone Angels 


PNF lat stretch on floor

10 rep/arm

– Contraction for

7-10 seconds

– stretching for 10 seconds

Specific HS drills

-Stacked HS hold on boxes (Hips, shoulers, hands in a stacked vertical line)

-Slow controlled wall walks (Go as high as possible)

-HS plates drill

-HS hold with a spotter 


Free handstand practice

TC: 10 min

Score: Completion

Scaling Options


Headstand / Pike HS on box 


Every 4 min x 5 rounds 

24/20 Cal Row/Ski

16 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20″

12 Ring dips/Bar dips

TC: 20 min

Score: Fastest Interval

Scaling Options


18/16 Cal Row/Ski

12 Burpees onto Plate

8 Assisted Ring dips/Bar Dips


20/18 Cal Row/Ski

12 Burpee box Jump Over 24/20″

12 Band assisted Assisted Ring dips/Bar Dips


Every 4 min x 5 rounds

2 rounds

12/10 Cal row

6 Burpee box jump @30/24″

3 Ring mu 


8 Sets

3 Strict TTB/Pull Ups*

6 Slam ball

Rest 45 seconds

* Add weight with medball if possible 

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