Wednesday Jul 13

little bit of plyometrics

Warm Up


EMOM 4 Odd: Bike/Row/Ski

Even: 1 Air squat every 3 or 5 or 7 seconds, etc 


Standing banded psoas march 20 alternating reps 


2 sets

7/7 banded monster walks

5 Wall balls @As high as possible

3 Consecutive broad jumps 


Seated High Box Jump

5-5-5-5-5 @As high as possible

Rest as needed between sets 


Amrap 16 minutes

60M KB Carry @ Heavy

10 Shoulder to OH @ 60/45 KG

200m run

Score: Rounds and reps

Scaling Options


60M KB Carry @ Mod

10 Shoulder to OH @ moderate

200m run


60M KB Carry @ Mod

10 Shoulder to OH @ 40/30 KG

200m run 


3 sets

20 Fast Banded leg curls

No rest

6 Assisted explosive glute ham raise

Rest 60 sec 

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