Wednesday Jun 15

Gymnastics day

Warm Up

1 min Row or Bike

10 Scap pull ups on bar or rings

10-20 sec support on rings or parallettes

5-10 Ring Rows / strict pull ups + 5-10 ring dips or assisted ring dips 


Banded front delt PNF stretch 5 x 5 sec Contract/5 sec Stretch


3 sets

On the low rings

2 Snap pulls + 1 Ring mu


5 Banded sling shot muscle up OR Sit-up Floor muscle up 


Ring mu

5 unbroken sets

4-6 Ring mu

4-6 Ring dips

Rest as needed between sets

TC:10 min

Score: Total Reps

Scaling Options


5 sets

4-6 Assisted Pull Ups

4-6 Hand Elevated Push Ups/ Push ups


5 Unbroken sets

4-6 Sling Shot Muscle Ups

4-6 Toe Assisted Ring dips*

*After last slingshot, touch the toes down and continue dips Slingshot muscle up:


4-6 Chest to Ring Pull Up

4-6 Ring Muscle Ups

4-6 Ring Dips 


For time

30/24 Cal Row

30 CTB

30 Step ups @ 22.5/15 KG x 2 (farmer)

25 CTB

30 Step ups @ 22.5/15 KG x 2 (front rack)

20 CTB

30 OH walking lunges @ 22.5/15 KG x 2

30/24 Cal Row


30 C2B Across

Score: Time

Scaling Options


20/16 Cal Row

20 Assisted Pull Ups

30 Step ups @ Bodyweight

15 Assisted Pull Ups

30 Step ups @ Bodyweight

10 Assisted Pull Ups

50′ Walking Lunges @ Bodyweight

20/16 Cal Row Intermediate

– Modify C2Bs for Pull ups and reduce reps as needed – Reduce load of step ups as needed


30 Cal Echo bike

30 CTB

30M Back rack WL @70/50  KG

25 CTB

25M Front rack WL @70/50 KG

20 CTB

20M OH walking lunge @70/50 KG

30 Cal Echo bike 


Power Conditioning

Every 90 seconds x 6

10 Sec max Cal bike

10M Sled push sprint @moderate 

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