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Workout of the day

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

A) 0:00 - 15:00 Accumulate 50 V-Ups Every time you break, complete 3 Double DB Power Cleans (22.5/15kg) B) 15:00 - 30:00 Accumulate 40 HSPU Every time you break, complete 5 Double DB Bent Over Row (22.5/15kg) C) 30:00 - 45:00 Accumulate 30 Single Arm OHS (35/22.5kg) Every time you break, complete 3 Devils Press

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Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

“Open 18.2” A) With a 12:00 cap: For Time: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 DB Front Squats (22.5/15kg DBs) Bar Facing Burpees  B) In the remaining time.. Establish a 1RM Clean (Power or Squat)  

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Tuesday 22 Jan 2019

10 Rounds, Each For Time: 150/100m Row 30 Double Unders  10 Toes To Bar Score = Your fastest + slowest times combined  *Will run with a rolling clock, when you ready, start at the top of the minute and go for it.  ** Rest as needed between rounds.    

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