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Di is a seasoned fitness expert with an impressive 14 years in the fitness industry, 12 year commitment to CrossFit, and a proud owner of a thriving CrossFit affiliate for 13 years. Her journey in fitness is not just a profession, but a testament to her dedication to a healthy, active lifestyle and helping others achieve that for themselves.As a devoted wife, mother of four, and grandmother to two adorable grandchildren, Di understands the challenges of balancing a busy family life with personal fitness goals. Her real-life experience as a busy mum and grandmother enriches her training approach, making her an expert in crafting lifestyle routines that are both effective and manageable for people with demanding schedules.
Di‘s passion for CrossFit shines through in her training methodology. She believes in its power to transform not just bodies, but lives, fostering a sense of community and shared achievement. Her extensive experience as an affiliate owner has equipped her with the skills to motivate and guide clients of all ages and fitness levels.
With Di, you’re not just embarking on a fitness journey, you’re joining a community where each member’s success is celebrated, and every challenge is faced together. Whether you’re new to CrossFit, looking to elevate your current routine, or trying to find a balance between fitness and a hectic lifestyle, Di is the trainer who will stand by you, push you, and celebrate every milestone with you.



Hello, I’m Brendon, the Head Coach and Owner of CrossFit Geebung and CrossFit Sunshine Coast. With over a decade of experience in coaching CrossFit and weightlifting, my passion lies in teaching people the art of movement within the CrossFit modalities, particularly the Olympic lifts. Rather than listing my numerous qualifications, I invite you to visit CrossFit Sunshine Coast and experience it firsthand.

I take pride in my great sense of humor and enjoy understanding the unique personalities of individuals I work with. Building a personal connection is key, as everyone is different, and I believe that’s what transforms a good coach into a great one—connecting on a personal level to truly understand how each client operates. Come on in, and let’s embark on your fitness journey together!

cheers Brendon McCausland